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It all started with a love for hounds

It’s important to purchase hunting supplies from people who know everything about the products they sell. Before Garmin tracking collars, bright hunting lights and comfortable boots was a man who loved taking his dogs to the Everglades to see if they would do some hunting. His love for hunting made him want to share the experience and get people excited about something he is so passionate about. That is how garmin Outdoors came to be. Bruce also has a passion for technology and has kept up with the ever-changing tracking systems and hunting supplies, learning every detail. Every garmin Outdoors employee has benefited from his vast knowledge and if you have ever reached out about a hunting supply question, you have witnessed Bruce’s knowledge. As garminOutdoors continues to grow, we keep the same values that Bruce put in place long ago, learning everything we can about the products we sell and keeping our hunting family (customers) excited about their next hunt! 

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